“Ethno on the road in Croatia”

Ethno Croatia 2011 gathers musicians and music ensembles from Belgium, Croatia, France, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Tanzania. They are lead by experienced mentors – Allan Skrobe, Swedish musician and producer, and Lidija Dokuzović, Croatian singer in the “Afion” ensemble and leader of female vocal groups “Čipkice” and “Le Zbor”. All participants need to prepare two traditional songs or dances typical of their culture, which they then teach to other participants of the Grožnjan’s camp. Each participant prepares two traditional songs or two dances from their own culture, which they then teach to the other participants during the camp’s duration.

Concert: Slovenian ethno music

Some of the best representatives of the Slovenian ethno-music scene, gathered in KED FS, will introduce the repertoire which is characteristic for different Slovenian regions and communities (including the minority ones). The program will cover a range from ritual tunes to the modern ones, it will enable us to hear how the same song sounds in different regions and also render us aware of the connections between Croatian and Slovenian ethno music. The organizers also announce the privilege of hearing a virtuous performance on the oldest instrument in the world!