47TH IFF – 2013 “Ethno on the road in Croatia”

Ban Jelačić Square, Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 20.00

Ethno on the Road in Croatia has been realised for some years already by the International Folklore Festival in co-operation with the summer ethno-music camp Ethno Croatia for young people in Grožnjan, as a segment of the Jeunesses Musicales International network of similar camps in Sweden, Belgium, the FYR of Macedonia, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia and Uganda. For years now, the Grožnjan camp has been successfully headed up and organised by the Swedish musician and producer, Allan Skrobe, and the Croatian musician Lidija Dokuzović. The fundamental idea of the camps is the exchange of experiences and knowledge of music through mutual learning and teaching between young musicians from various countries. Each participant prepares two traditional songs or two dances from their own culture, which they then teach to the other participants during the camp’s duration.

Musicians and music groups from Armenia, Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, will be taking part in Ethno Croatia 2013. They will also include the Atervind Trio from Uppsala, this year’s representative of the Swedish ethno-music camp, and the female singer and player of the marimba and mbira, Tafadzwa Gapara from Zimbabwe, who comes to Croatia as the laureate of the Music Crossroads international contest in the ethno-music category. After Grožnjan, all those young musicians will be sharing with Zagreb audiences the knowledge and experience they have gained.