54. IFF – 2020 “A Century of Seljačka sloga

Friday,  July 17th 2020., 9.00 pm
Gradec Plateau

Posavski Bregi, KUD „Ogranak Seljačke sloge“ Posavski Bregi
Drenovci, KUD „Ogranak Seljačke sloge“ Drenovci
Baranjsko Petrovo Selo, KUD „Seljačka sloga“ Baranjsko Petrovo Selo
Sikirevci, KUD „Sloga“ Sikirevci
Greda Sunjska, KUD „Seljačka sloga“ Greda Sunjska
Donji Andrijevci, KUD „Tomislav“ Donji Andrijevci
Buševec, Ogranak Seljačke sloge Buševec

This is the evening of folklore groups derived from branches of Seljačka sloga (Peasant Harmony), or groups which inherited the name Sloga and its agenda. The performers showed us their own various traditions, songs, dances, costumes and customs.