54. IFF – 2020 “Irish Night / Hint of Brasil”

Wednesday, July 15th 2020., 9.00 pm
Klovićevi dvori Gallery Atrium, Jezuitski trg 4

Emerald Steps & Drowsy Lizards
Bossa Banda

This IFF presents Emerald Steps and Drowsy Lizards who will be performing a show presenting older and modern versions of Irish dance and music, primarily irish step. The repertoire is combined of older forms of irish step performed in a few so called feis dances which are performed by a single dancer: reel and slip jig in soft-shoe technique and two traditional dances Blackbird and Saint Patricks’ Day in heavy-shoe technique.

Bossa banda quartet performs followed by exceptional Croatian musicians: Filip Pavić on Guitar, Jelena Gilić on bass guitar and Bruna Matić on drums. They will be enriched with the voices of Mirjana Vladić, Ana Matijević, Zrinka Fain and Marijana Mijatović.