54. IFF – 2020 “O mila Majko nebeska”

Sunday, July 19th 2020., 7.30 pm
Kamenita vrata

Women’s vocal group KUD „Ogranak Seljačke sloge“ Posavski Bregi,
Men’s vocal group KUD „Seljačka sloga“ Greda Sunjska,
Women’s vocal group KUD „Nova zora“, Donja Lomnica

With this themed concert of church folk singing we present Marian pilgrimage songs. Worshiping the Mother of God is deeply connected in Croatian religion culture within the state boundaries  and beyond them. We are therefore not surprised with various churches and chapels dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is especially celebrated during May, August and October. The inhabitants of Zagreb have a special place dedicated to Virgin Mary, the Kamenita vrata. Every day this holy space of passage is visited by worshipers of the Mother of God and they pray in front of her painting set on that place after a great fire that hit Zagreb in 1731.