16 – 20 July, 2003

This year’s festival is dedicated to the heritage of minority communities in Croatia. Albanians, Austrians, Bosniacs, Czechs, Germans, Hungarians, Italians, Jews, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Roma, Rusyns, Serbs, Slovaks, Slovenes and Ukrainians – all of them enrich the cultural and ethnic mosaic of Croatia.

Many of them nurture and perform selected forms of dances, music and traditional costumes which are recognized as a specific cultural value of the country they originate from. Some minorities, over their centuries-old presence in Croatia, have developed and adopted the musical and dance repertoire belonging to a particular regional or local cultural expression and is shared with other ethnic groups in the same region.



National Minorities in the Republic of Croatia

Albanians in Croatia, KUD “Shota” Rijeka
Bosniacs in Croatia, Bahrija Smailović and Adem Hrustić from Gunja, Emira Jatić, Nevzeta Zdunić, Erol Zejnilović and Edin Džaferagić, members of “Preporod”, Zagreb
Montenegrins u Hrvatskoj, Society of Montenegrins “Peroj 1657”, Peroj
Czechs in Croatia, “Češka beseda”, Končanica
Hungarians in Croatia, KUD “Jankovci” Stari Jankovci, KUD “Petefi Šandor”, Čakovec
Macedonians in Croatia, Folklore group “Oro”, singing group “Raspeana Makedonija” and instrumental group “T’ga za jug”, Macedonian Culture Society “Krste Misirkov” Zagreb
Germans and Austrians in Croatia, Josip Sivek / Joszef Szivek from Lug
Roma in Croatia, Folklore group “Romsko srce”, Rijeka
Rusyns and Ukrainians u Hrvatskoj, KUD “Joakim Hardi”, Petrovci

Slovaks in Croatia, KUD “Ivan Brnjik Slovak”, Jelisavac
Slovenians in Croatia, KUD “Triglav”, Union of Slovenians in Croatia
Serbs in Croatia, KUD “Branko Radičević”, Darda
Italians in Croatia, KUD “Marco Garbin”, Italian community in Rovinj
Jews in Croatia, “Jewsers” Klezmer Ensemble, Jewish Community of Zagreb

Croatian folklore groups

BEKTEŽ, Požeško-slavonska County, KUD „Bektež“
BRIBIR, Primorsko-goranska County, KUD „Bribir“
DONJA OBREŠKA, Zagrebačka County, KUD „Obreška“
MODRUŠ, Karlovačka County, KUD „Gradina“
RADOVIN, Zadarska County, KUD „Radovin“
SEVERIN NA KUPI, Primorsko-goranska County, KUD „Frankopan“
SIKIREVCI, Brodsko-posavska County, KUD „Sloga“
SLAKOVCI, Vukovarsko-srijemska County, KUD „Seljačka sloga“
VINIŠĆE, Splitsko-dalmatinska County, KUD „Ivan Duknović“


BULGARIA, Bistrica, Folklore group “Bistrica”
GHANA, Accra, “The Talented Youth Theatre”
INDIA, Bombay, “Nrityadhara”
ITALY, Citta di Piansano, Sbandieratori e musici “Citta di Piansano”
ITALY, Sicilia, Grotte, Folklore group “Triscele”
ISRAEL, “Akilov’s Family Ensemble”
LITHUANIA, Kaunas, Folklore group “Žaisa”
NIGERIA, Abraka, “The Ebony Theatre Troup”
POLAND, Wilamowice, Folklore Ensemble “Cepelia-Fil-Wilamowice”
SPAIN, Galicia, Pereiras-Mos, “Nosa Terra”