16 – 20 July, 2008

42nd International Folklore Festival gathered selected folklore groups from 22 places in Croatia as well as foreign folklore ensembles from Columbia, France, Greece, India, Lithuania, Malawi, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden and USA.

Two of the festival’s programmes had special themes: one was dedicated to the verbal forms of folklore, and the other to folklore of Gorski Kotar region. In the first one, named «We Speak and Sing Croatian», the emphasis was put on the Croatian language and its dialects; the richness and diversity of local vernaculars was presented through toasts and other wedding speeches, as well as through speeches delivered by participants of the festivities on St. George’s Day, Christmas carolers and others.

These performances were accompanied by a selection of music and dance genres. The second thematic programme presented folklore traditions of Gorski Kotar region, that is, the forms in which they exist today.

Following its established framework, the 42nd International Folklore Festival also included concerts of world music (Diale(c)thno: Cinkuši and Kavaliri and Traditional music and dance of Rajasthan) and church folk singing (from Gorski Kotar region); presentation of DVD «Forty years of the International Folklore Festival» while its music and dance workshops offered the attendants an opportunity to learn about and experience traditional cultures of various peoples. Also, a very successful fashion show Folk Costumes and Fashion took place (in collaboration with The Folk Costume Manufacturing and Rental Department from Zagreb).

The International Folklore Festival was held under the patronage of the Croatian Parliament.



ANTIN, Vukovarsko-srijemska County, KUD “Lela i Vladimir Matanović”
BABINO POLJE, (otok Mljet), Dubrovačko-neretvanska County, KUD “Natko Nodilo”
CRNI LUG, Primorsko-goranska County, Udruga “Runolist”
DELNICE, Primorsko-goranska County, KUD “Delnice” i Denis Kezele
DONJA BEBRINA, Brodsko-posavska County, KUD “Kolo” i Mata Baboselac
DONJA LOMNICA, Zagrebačka County, KUD “Nova zora”
DUBRAVICE kraj Skradina, Šibensko-kninska County, Dane Jurić
IVANKOVO, Vukovarska-srijemska County, KUD “Ivan Goran Kovačić”, Paško Barunčić
LIČKO LEŠĆE, Ličko-senjska County, Kulturno-umjetnička udruga “Gacka”
LOVORNO, Dubrovačko-neretvanska County,Ilija Kesovija
MUĆ, Splitsko-dalmatinska County, KUD “Branimir 888”
PITOMAČA, Virovitičko-podravska County, KUD “Pitomačanka”

RAVNA GORA, Primorsko-goranska County, Croatian Culture Society “Gora”, Tamburitza group “Ravnogorski tamburaši”
SEVERIN NA KUPI, Primorsko-goranska County, KUD “Frankopan”
SKRAD, Primorsko-goranska County, Udruga “Skradska žena” – Folklorna sekcija “Majžice”, Singing and instrumental sastav “Veseli pajdaši”
STANKOVCI, Zadarska County, KUD “Vinac”
TOVARNIK, Vukovarska-srijemska County KUD “Antun Gustav Matoš”,Ivo Vorgić
TROGIR, Splitsko-dalmatinska County, KUD “Kvadrilja”
VINKOVCI, Vukovarsko-srijemska County, Tomislav Cerančević
ZAGREB, Čučerje, Grad Zagreb, Croatian KPD “Bosiljak”
ZAMOST I TRŠĆE, Primorsko-goranska County, Josip Gašparac and Milan Čop
ŽMINJ, FEŠTINI, Istarska County, Ivona Širol

BROD MORAVICE, Crkveni zbor župe sv. Nikole
GEROVO, Crkveni zbor župe sv. Hermagora i Fortunata
RAVNA GORA, Crkveni zbor župe sv. Terezije Avilske
SKRAD, Crkveni zbor župe sv. Antuna Padovanskog


FRANCE, Garennes sur Eure, Folk group “Les Pierrots de la Vallée”
GREECE, Rentis, Folk dance group Rentis
INDIA, Rajastan, Jailsalmer, Music group “Ustad Arba”
COLUMBIA, Santiago de Cali, “Raices de Colombia”
LITHUANIA, Klaipeda, Folklore ensemble “Žemaitukas”
MALAWI, Mzuzu,”Body, Mind & Soul”
MOROCCO, Essaouira, Grou of Hamza Soudani
MEXICO, Santiago de Querétaro, Grupo Magisterial de Danza del S.N.T.E.
RUSSIA, Kamchatsky region, Palana, Folk group “Eygynichvan”
USA, Bayfield County, Wisconsin – Frank and Midge Montano (Red Cliff Band of Ojibwe)
SLOVENIA, Beltinci – Folklore ensemble “Beltinci”
SWEDEN, Alnö, Folk group Alnö