16 to 21 July 2013

Dedicated to the Croatian accession to the European Union, the 47th International Folklore Festival draws attention to the Croatian and European dance and musical heritage shared by many European nations and cultures. These historical and social dances originated from various parts of Europe and later spread across the continent and beyond. Part of that heritage is linked to

the former high class and eventually extended to the lower classes, to the population of cities and villages. In different milieus, these dances and their accompanying music experienced adjustments and are still preserved as local versions of older and newer European dance heritage: promenades, contra dances, quadrilles, cotillions, mazurkas, furlanas, manfrinas, but also waltzes, polkas, czardases and other dances. Nowadays, that heritage is still alive – taught, cherished and presented by folklore and other dance and music ensembles throughout Europe.

Along with a number of participants from all over Croatia, this year’s Festival will feature performances by guests from Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany,

Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. Beside stage performances by the participants at the Ban Jelacic square and in the Upper Town, the accompanying program will include exhibitions, dance workshops, concerts of church folk music and world music. The participants of the Festival will also perform in Zagreb area.

The International Folklore Festival was held under the patronage of the Croatian Parliament.



BISTRA Zagrebačka County, Folklore Group „Bistra“
video – author: Vido Bagur
BJELOVAR Bjelovarsko-bilogorska County, Češka obec / Česká obec – Folklore Group / Taneční skupina „Srdečko“
video – author: Vido Bagur
BLATO, island of Korčula Dubrovačko-neretvanska County, Viteško udruženje „Kumpanjija“
video – author: Vido Bagur
ĐAKOVO Osječko-baranjska County, KUD „Sklad“
video – author: Vido Bagur
GALIŽANA / GALLESANO Istarska County, Folklore Group of Italian Community / Gruppo folcloristico Comunita degli Italiani „Armando Capolicchio“
video – author: Vido Bagur
HVAR, island of HvarSplitsko-dalmatinska County, Folklore Group „Šaltin“
JELENJE Primorsko-goranska County, KUD „Zvir“
video – author: Vido Bagur
JELISAVAC / JELISAVEC Osječko-baranjska County, Slovačko kulturno-umjetničko društvo „Ivan Brnjik Slovak“ / Slovenský kultúrno-umelecký spolok “Ivan Brník Slovák”
video – author: Vido Bagur
KOTORIBA Međimurska County, KUD „Kotoriba“
KRŠAN Istarska County, KUD „Ivan Fonović Zlatela“
KUPLJENOVO Zagrebačka County, KUD „Kupljenovo“


AUSTRALIA Mount Waverley, Victoria, O’Shea-Ryan Irish Dancers
AUSTRIA Knittelfeld, Trachtenverband „Oberes Murtal“
CZECH REPUBLIK Strážnice, Folklorní soubor „Demižón“
GREECE Agrinion, The Society of Tradition Friends „Rizes“
IRAQ (Kurdistan) Sulaimaniya, Payiz Music Group
ITALY Gorizia, Gruppo Folcloristico „Santa Gorizia“
HUNGARY Sopron, Soproni Pendelyes Kulturális Egyesület
GERMANY Frommern, Hohenlohe and Sontheim, Folklore group Schwäbischer Albverein
GERMANY Schemmerberg, Musikverein „Cäcilia“
POLAND Varšava, Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Szkoły Głównej Handlowej w Warszawie
SLOVENIA Slovenski Javornik, Folk group KUD „Triglav“
video – author: Vido Bagur
SPAIN (Basque County) Donostia / San Sebastian, Dance folk group „Gero Axular“

OSIJEK Osječko-baranjska County, Hrvatsko kulturno-umjetničko društvo „Osijek 1862“
video – author: Vido Bagur
POŽEGA Požeško-slavonska County, Gradsko kulturno-umjetničko društvo „Požega“
SPLIT Splitsko-dalmatinska County, KUD „Brodosplit“
VELIKO TRGOVIŠĆE Krapinsko-zagorska County, KUD „Sloga“
ZAGREB City of Zagreb, LADO
video – author: Vido Bagur
ŽUPA DUBROVAČKA Dubrovačko-neretvanska County, KUD „Marko Marojica“