Church folk singing of the region of Gorski kotar St. Catherine’s Church, Katarinski trg, Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 19.30

Research and recordings of church folk music in Gorski Kotar have shown that there are differences between selected church choirs as regards their programs and ways of performing. The choirs from Mrkopalj (Sorrowful Mother of God Parish Church) and Lokve (St. Catherine’s Parish Church) sing four-part original masses and other compositions, most often accompanied by the organ. Church singers from Gerovo, Skrad, Ravna Gora and Brod Moravice sing church folk songs to liturgy, either without accompaniment or accompanied by a harmonium.

Based on the recordings made by the Croatian Radio in 2003 and later in 2008, Vido Bagur and Miroslava Hadaihusejnović-Valašek, in collaboration with the singers, arranged the program for this year’s concert of church folk singing at the International Folklore Festival. The choir from Ravna Gora will present Christmas songs, the choir from Gerovo songs connected with Lent and funeral customs, the choir from Skrad songs dedicated to the Heart of Jesus and Easter songs, while the choir from Brod Moravice (the smallest group and the only one accompanied by the harmonium) will perform songs about the Virgin Mary.

These choirs are led by local women who possess practical knowledge and skills. The members are mostly older people, which makes the future of the choirs in Brod Moravice and Skrad questionable. Even though the choir members are primarily women, the Gerovo group has very good male members.


Parish Choir of the St. Theresia from Avila, Ravna Gora
Parish Choir of the St. Anthony from Padua, Skrad
Parish Choir of the St. Nicholas, Brod Moravice
Parish Choir of the Sts. Hermagor and Fortunat, Gerovo