57th IFF Zagreb – presentation of a monograph books

July 15, 2023, Bogdan Ogrizović Library and Reading Room, Preradovićeva 5

In recent years, numerous folklore groups from Pokuplje have celebrated big anniversaries of their existence, and some of them have also published printed monographs in that name.

On behalf of the ethnological and cultural anthropological profession, the books were presented by: the artistic director of IFF Zagreb Tvrtko Zebec, Katarina Bušić from the Zagreb Ethnographic Museum and Josip Forjan from the Traditioncal Cultural Heritage Centre. Also, editors of monographs and presidents of folklore groups spoke at the presentation.

3 monographs were presented: “100 years of cultural and artistic society Rečica”, which was presented by Josip Perač, president of the folklore group “Rečica” and Kristina Vrbanek, author of the monograph. The second book was: “100 years of cultural heritage Brest Pokupski” which was presented by Darko Hrnčević, dance instructor of folklore group “Pokupljanka”. The thhird book was: “85 nam je let – monograph of KUD Sv. Juraj from Draganić” which was presented by Draženka Jagatić, president of the folklore group “Sveti Juraj”.