18 to 22 July 2018

The affirmation of values of the national culture that make up the native-place dance, music, language and modes of expression along with traditional craftsmanship, skills and cultural values of countries around the world will be shown in the program of the 52nd International Folklore Festival. The main theme – Heritage and Migrations – is in accordance with the proclamation of 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, making the Festival part of this program by the Ministry of Culture. Performances will be held by folklore groups and individuals representing the diversity of Croatian ethnographic heritage, representatives of national minorities, Croats from neighboring countries and the diaspora (a total of 20 groups), along with 15 ensembles representing the heritage of other peoples and cultures. The main festival program will last five days and will be comprised of stage performances, dance and music workshops, folk theatre, ethno music concerts (Ethno Croatia – summer camp of the International Cultural Centre of the Hrvatske glazbene mladeži u Grožnjanu – JMC, Grožnjan; mariachi – Mexico-Croatia) and

church folk singing at Saint Catherine Church.
previous years, the Croatian Parliament. The theme of Heritage and Migration gathers groups that perform the folklore tradition of the old native-place regardless of the period in which they left it. It is known that migrations were carried out as a result of wars, colonization and the agrarian reforms, that is economic reasons as well, which is why we can talk about collective migrations of particular communities (like Croats from the Bay of Kotor). However, individuals who are creating new homes in the places of settlement are also moving, encouraging at the same time the creative processes by which they promote the cultural heritage of the country they came from (e.g. Irish dance in Croatia). In co-operation with the Croatian Heritage Foundation, the festival will feature groups of Croats from the far diaspora (New Zealand and Canada), along with a photography exhibition in the Croatian Heritage Foundation. The program of the festival will also showcase the elements of culture that, thanks to the migrations of their bearers, also travelled and remained in certain areas and eventually became accepted as the local customs of a particular cultural heritage (e.g. bećarac in Slavonia, Lika, Ravni Kotari, Dalmatinska Zagora, Bosnia and Herzegovina).
The program is realized in cooperation with the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, the

Ethnographic Museums in Zagreb and Pazin, Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, Cultural Center Travno, Croatian Heritage Foundation, Academy of Music, POU Otočac – Open University, as well as the embassies of the guest ensembles from abroad.
In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the International Folklore Festival is held under the auspices of Croatian Commission for UNESCO and, as in the



Čakovec, Udruga ruskog govornog područja u Međimurju “Kalinka”  video 
Čepin, KUD “Ivan Kapistran Adamović” (iz Kukujevaca, Srijem)  video 
Ćeralije, KUD “Ćeralije” (Hrvati iz Letnice, Kosovo)  video 
Donji Lapac, KUD “Kraljica Katarina” (Hrvati iz Kraljeve Sutjeske)  video 
Drenje, KUD “Drenje”  video 
Kljake, KUD “Naši korijeni”  video 
Kršan, KUD “Ivan Fonović Zlatela”
Ličko Lešće, KUU “Gacka”  video 
Peroj, Društvo perojskih Crnogoraca “Peroj 1657”  video 
Pleternica, ZD “Rama”  video 
Radovin, KUD “Radovin”  video 
Sisak, Romsko kulturno-umjetničko društvo “Crni biseri”  video 
Stari Jankovci, KUD “Jankovci”  video 
Stari Mikanovci, KUD “Šokadija”  video 

Šiljakovina, FA “Šiljakovina”
Zagreb, zbor Janjevo i KUD “Novo Čiče”
Zagreb, glazbeni sastav JRS Isusovačke službe za izbjeglice

Church folk singers:
Donji Lapac, KUD „Kraljica Katarina“
Kuterevo, KUD „Dangubice“
Ličko Lešće, KUU „Gacka“ i župni zbor BDM od Svete Krunice
Perušić, KUD „Perušić“

Pučko kazalište
Draganić, Dramska družina KUD-a „Sveti Juraj“


Bosnia and Hercegovina
Dobrič, Široki Brijeg, HKD „Vrila“  video 
Podhum, Livno, KUD „Kamešnica“  video 
Žabljak – Usora, KUD „Izvor“
Pecs, FA „Tanac“  video 
Serbia /Vojvodina/
Sombor, HKUD „Vladimir Nazor“  video


ALBANIA, „Bilbili“, Vlorë
ALGERIA, „Couleurs D’Algerie“, Sidi Bel Abbes
AUSTRIA, „Musikkapelle Virgen“, Virgen
BELGIUM, „Royal Art Group Alkuone“, Aalst
GEORGIA, „Folkart“, Tbilisi
INDONESIA, Genzer Lana, „Nusa Tuak“, Yogyakarta
CANADA, Hrvatska župna folklorna grupa „Sljeme“, Mississauga
CHINA, „Yunnanjin Xiaofeng Art Troupe“, Junan
COLOMBIA, „Colombia Folklore Cultural Foundation“, Cali
KOSOVO, “Lidhja e Prizrenit”, Prizren
MEXICO, „Ballet Folklorico de Occidente Corazon de Jalisco“, Guadalajara Jalisco
NETHERLAND, „Nitsanim Ensemble“, Haag
NEW ZEALAND, „Tarara Folklore Ensemble, Dalmatian Cultural Society“, Auckland
POLAND, Zespol “Istebna”, Istebna
SPAIN,“Grup de Danses Tradicionals l’Arenilla“, Borriana, Valencia
SRI LANKA, „Sridhara Dance Academy“, Dalupothagama, Katupotha