Concert “Vientos del alma”

On Saturday, July 22, 2023, on the stage at the European Square, Ivana Galić and the band held the concert “Vientos del alma”.

The Winds of the Soul program of South American traditional music was inspired by the greatest Argentinian singer and activist Mercedes Sosa. The songs and compositions of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay are almost unknown to the audience of these areas. They are performed by musicians led by our best guitarist for Latin music, Darko Horvat, and academic flautist Zrinka Božičević Plavec. Darko Horvat is a former member of the groups Ayllu, Gato negro and Caiman verde, who performed with Ricardo Luque and the Amigos and with Davor Radolfi. Zrinka Božičević Plavec is a member of the Ayllu ensemble (flute, quena, charango, sikus, bombo). Both versatile musicians, multi-instrumentalists held a number of successful concerts and guest appearances and recorded several sound carriers. Authentic in their expression, they enjoy a reputation among their Latin American colleagues and faithfully represent that musical world. Darko and Zrinka are joined by versatile vocalist, concert artist Ivana Galić; drummer and percussionist Filip Šmit and bassist and academic saxophonist, Mario Jagec. The guest of the concert is Takaatsu Kinoshita, Japanese guitarist, folklorist, composer.

Guest Takaatsu Kinoshita at the age of 11 started playing keno as a self-taught player. He is friends with artists who came to Japan such as Una Ramos, Antonio Pantoja, Kelo Palacios, Los Andariegos, etc. At the invitation of Ernesto Cavour, he traveled to Bolivia in 1982 and founded a trio (Ernesto Cavour, charango, Fernando Jimenez, zampona, Takaatsu Kinoshita, guitar ). He collaborated with many musicians and bands such as Grupo Uma, Los Yuras, Luis Rico, Zulma Yugar, Ricardo Campos, Rolando Encinas and many others. Since 1986, he has been the director of Le Luz de Ande de La Paz. In 1991, he composed the music for the Japanese film Rio sin puente (River without a bridge) with Ernesto Cavour. He composes music especially for documentary films. He performs as a soloist and records.

Ivana Galić, vocals, bombo, chajchas

Zrinka Božićević Plavec, quena/kena, bombo, charango, sikus

Darko Horvat, guitar, charango

Mario Jagec, bass guitar

Filip Šmit, bombo, cajon, chajchas

Takaatsu Kinoshita, guitar, charango

Photo: Filip Kovačević