Overview of events July 11-18, 2023


At the Zagreb Ethnographic Museum , on July 11 at 6 p.m., a lecture was held: “The
Pokuplje Expedition in the context of the exhibition Intimni prostori svakodnevice”. Ph.D Zvjezdana Antoš took all the visitors through the new exhibition of the Museum.



In the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb, on July 13 at 7 p.m., the exhibition of folk costumes “Sva su sela ojko Kupe bela” was opened. The exhibition was designed by Josip Forjan, and it was set up by the employees of the Traditional Cultural Heritage Centre (KUC Travno). The exhibition was open to visitors until July 31, 2023.



In the pavilion in Zrinjevac park, on July 14 at 7 pm, the Jaman Suara gamelan ensemble from Zagreb held a concert “Spaces in Between – an evening with gamelan”. The musicians brought Indonesian music closer to the audience, which they successfully connected with traditional Croatian music.



In the Bogdan Ogrizović Library at 12 noon, a presentation of three monographs of KUDs from the Pokuplje area was held. The opening speech was given by: Ph.D. Tvrtko Zebec, artistic director of the Zagreb International Folklore Fair, Katarina Bušić, museum advisor at the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb and prof. Josip Forjan, acting director of the Travno Cultural Center. This was followed by representatives of folklore groups and authors of monographs. The following monographs were presented: “100 years of cultural and artistic group Rečica”, which was discussed by Josip Perač, president of KUD Rečica and Kristina Vrbanek, author of the monograph. Next one was “100 years of cultural heritage Brest Pokupski” which was presented by Darko Hrnčević, president of the KUD “Pokupljanka” from Brest Pokupski. The last one “We are 85 years old – monograph of KUD Sv. Juraj from Draganić” was presented by Draženka Jagatić, president of “Sv. Juraj folklore group”.

On Saturday at 7:00 p.m., the “People’s Theater Evening: Five Short Plays by Joško Weidinger” was held in the Croatian Heritage Foundation in Zagreb. The actors are Croats from Gradišće and are part of the theater group “Dugava” from Pinkovac in Austria.



The already traditional event at IFF Zagreb started at 7 p.m. from the Chapel of the Wounded Jesus to the Stone Gate. This year, the following participated in the procession: “Ogranak Seljačke sloge Buševec” from Buševac, KUD “Nova Zora” from Donja Lomnica, FA “Šiljakovina” from Šiljakovina and KUD “Pokupljanka” from Brest Pokupski. Traditional Marian pilgrimage songs were sung in the procession.



On Tuesday, a clip of wedding customs from Turopolje was staged in the pavilion on Zrinjec. The Turopolje wedding was performed in front of a large audience by the members of the folklore group from Buševec.