Performance of “Turopolje wedding”

July 18, 2023, pavilion in Zrinjevac park

This year, the branch of “Peasant Harmony” in Buševec performed a clip from the wedding customs of Turopolj and attracted a large audience with its attractive performance, who danced traditional dances with the performers themselves. This year, the branch celebrates 50 years of performing the Turopolje wedding based on the play by Josip Kovačević.

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Since 1900, the Buševec branch of the Peasants’ Union in Zagreb County has had a Voluntary Fire Brigade that procures agricultural machinery and advocated for the opening of the People’s School in Buševec in 1908. The local organization of the Croatian People’s Peasant Party was founded in 1911, the tambura choir and library in 1912; special care is taken to arrange the village. In addition to church songs, they also practice secular songs with the tambourine and choir. Following Radić’s ideas, with the help of Rudolf Herceg, on April 18, 1920, they founded the educational and charitable society Seljačka sloga in order to spread education and culture in the village and play an educational role.