Pop up exibithion: Blindfull alley exibithion vol. VII

Blindfull alley exibithion vol. VII
Friday, May 17 th at 8:00 p.m.
Klet, Ilica 73

We are pleased that as part of this year’s 58th International Folklore Festival Zagreb, we can announce a pop-up exhibition of the contemporary shock avant-garde of the author Mislav Lešić – Đurakov, entitled “Blindfull alley exibithion  Vol. VII”.
After the opening of the exhibition, there will be a concert of the Haunted Duke!

Author about the exhibition:

“Due to its primitive character and academic ignorance, village art was marginalized for a long time, even after the establishment of the Zemlja group. The rough and tough beauty that radiates everyday life in the countryside is what attracted me after finishing my studies, and upon returning home I started a project that is still ongoing, called “Realism of blind alleys”. The project, which started due to the desire to document old country houses on the verge of collapse, turned into a project to document modern Slavonian life. In it, I pay particular attention to the unusual dichotomy between the traditional way of village life and the modern construction of city/western life, which inevitably changes the outlook and mentality of the village.”

See you!