DIALE(C)THNO, Cinkuši and Kavaliri

The title of this year’s world music concert, coined from the words dialect and ethno, discloses its other component – dialect. Relying on one of the topics of this year’s Festival – the one dedicated to Croatian dialects and local speeches – ethno music with kajkavian features has been made the centre of the concert. Precisely the kajkavian dialect music was the starting point of inspiration for musicians who in 1994 became the founders of the Croatian ethno / world music scene.


This year the opportunity to present their music to the European audience has been given to a group of young musicians called Body, Mind & Soul from the town of Mzuzu, northern Malawi. Their performance at the International Folklore Festival Zagreb will present the outcome of their musical explorations a unique musical style which they call voodjazz and describe as a subtle mix of traditional rhythms with a jazzy feel, a musical bridge between Malawian cultures past and present.

Traditional music and dance of Rajasthan

Concert: Manganiyars – musicians, poets, minstrels of Thar Cultural – both material and spiritual – experiences of India have long been incorporated into the caste system. Music and dance – be they folk or classical – form a part of this experience. Similar to other regions of India, Rajasthan has a whole range of artistic castes. The Manganiyar musician community has also found its own place among the castesrepositories of local arts: apart from being their way of life, the occupation of Manganiyars, i.e. playing music and singing, has developed into an economic, social, cultural and communicational channel of the community….