Concert “Kak zvon je KAJ grelo”, Cinkuši

On July 23, 2023, the popular ethno band “Cinkuši” was the last point of this year’s International Folklore Festival Zagreb on the stage at the European Square.

As the basis of their music, the Cinkuši use the rich traditional heritage of Croatia, mostly from the Kajkavian speaking area, into which they interpolate the author’s approach and literary models and even clichés that awaken collective emotionality. They are an excellent example of “translating” traditional songs into explosive parts of punk, freak-folk, brilliant ballads or subtle combinations of waltz and cabaret with a touch of neo-folk underground. They are completely open to many metamorphoses of rock, psychedelic, jazz to traces of expressive and even chamber music.

Tihomir Kruhonja, double bass

Mirko Radušić, acoustic guitar

Marko First, violin

Natalia B. Radušić, mandolin

Krešo Oremuš, harmonica

Nikola Santro, trombone

Nebojša Stijačić, email guitar

Marko Meštrović, drum, djembe